These Plugins Transform a Business Project View!

Tuma tools is a plug-in for Autocad that assists the designers of the company TUMA Engenharia Térmica in various tasks such as inserting 3D ducts for air conditioner, dynamic parts library, generation of lists and quantities and others.

SEOBRA for Revit is a construction budget plug-in that integrates the elements of a Revit model with a large database of prices for services and inputs. The budget linked to the Revit project is updated with each change in the project, making it easier to quote the work still in the design phase.

The SDGP was developed for the company DANA an Automobile Industry. He is a library manager for more than 50,000 projects in DWG, PDF, TIF and others. It also generates versioning for each project and manages user activity in the library, providing full control.

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