Arsenal has developed yet another solution for the design world. The Maccaferri Industrial Group, an Italian multinational in the infrastructure sector, had internally developed a support system to design its containment projects, but with the passing of the years both the technology and the approach to project preparation have been out of date in this system. It was in this scenario that Maccaferri contracted the services of Arsenal to build a brand new system based on what is the most modern and powerful available from the Autodesk APIs. After 8 months of project with the support of a Maccaferri task force with professionals in 4 countries the MACRES system was completed and its implementation was a success! MACRES is software that runs both in AutoCAD and Civil 3D capable of calculating and distributing the boards of a retaining wall through a series of user-defined parameterizations. It also generates quantitative and exports to Excel. Today the software is managed by the designers of Brazil, the United States, India, Italy, and the other branches of Maccaferri. We both Arsenal and Maccaferri are celebrating the results and we are looking for new partnerships in other projects.