Autodesk invited Arsenal Technology for the second consecutive year to join Autodesk University Brazil select group of speakers, the largest gathering of design, engineering and design professionals in Brazil.

Arsenal sent its Autodesk API expert, Vitor Silva to lecture on “Automating processes in AutoCAD and Revit by programming.

The event featured more than 50 lectures by Autodesk experts and leading companies in various industries focused on innovative and successful approaches to the use of technologies and design processes.

Through the use of technology and design processes Arsenal Technology has shown how the world of AutoCAD and Revit can be customized to your company’s needs. Without a doubt the development of projects, calculations, quantitative, management of libraries, among other tasks. Arsenal proposes the solution to these and many other problems.

At this year’s Autodesk University Arsenal developed a plugin in view of all participants in the talk. This plugin was developed, compiled, and implemented in AutoCAD and Revit to demonstrate how the technology development and application process is, and that the same code developed on the .NET platform primarily for AutoCAD can be reused with only a few modifications to Revit.

Soon we will make available the code of the plugin created and also the recording of the lecture.