AutoCAD plugins development course

AutoCAD plugins development course

Arsenal Technology taught a course of development of plugins for AutoCAD in the headquarters of the company Maccaferri in Jundiaí – SP.

The course aimed at introducing the student to the universe of AutoCAD APIs, focusing on the .NET API which is currently one of the most powerful and at the same time adds a more vertical learning curve. It was approached professional development techniques, which provide the creation of a robust, intuitive and easy maintenance plugin.

The course was based on the study material of the “My First Plugin Training for AutoCAD ” series available at DNA Open. This study material was produced by Autodesk and aims to give the best insight to designers and programmers who wish to embark on the development world for AutoCAD.

See some of the topics that were covered during the course.

  • Introduction to AutoCAD Programming
  • Creating a Basic Plugin
  • Interaction with AutoCAD elements
  • Debugging the code
  • Looping and persistence
  • Developing a more complex plugin

The course was a success, to the full satisfaction of Maccaferri.

Students received a certificate of completion of the course.

After completing the course Arsenal offers a remote support service to the developer so that he can continue his learning.